🎎 Culture Essay Examples and Topics

The Success of Chinese Restaurants in the West

This essay discusses the reasons why Chinese restaurants are popular, from the perspective of a Chinese restaurant owner. Kapur attributes the success of Chinese restaurants to the fact that they offer good food at a reasonable price, and explains that this is due to the discrimination against Chinese immigrants in the past, who were forced to open small businesses like restaurants.

Traditions and Their Impact on Personality Development

This essay discusses how traditions impact personality development by looking at the example of traditional Chinese and Japanese identity formation. It argues that while both cultures place emphasis on group membership and conformity, traditional Chinese culture is more likely to lead to individualistic personality traits, while traditional Japanese culture is more likely to lead to collectivistic personality traits.

The Impact of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity on the United States

This essay discusses the nature of ethnic and cultural diversity in the United States, the historical development of this diversity, and the impact that it has had on the country. It also looks to the future of diversity in the United States and argues that it is essential that efforts are made to promote understanding and tolerance between different groups.

The Gypsies: A People of Nature, Technology, and Fortune-Telling

Jan Yoors’ book The Gypsies provides a fascinating account of his time living among this marginalized group of people. Yoors paints a picture of a close-knit community that is in harmony with nature and has its own rich culture and traditions. While the Gypsies are often misunderstood by outsiders, Yoors argues that they are not dirty or lazy; they simply have different standards of hygiene than mainstream society.