What is the ordering process like?

With most essay writing services the process is very simple. You get a quote for your project based on the deadline, page count, quality and content of your paper. You then submit your project with all the relevant details, the paper is completed and your finished essay is returned to you at the prearranged deadline date. In some cases you are asked to pay beforehand and sometimes afterwards. Many ask for an FAQ about writing services because they have never used a writing service before.

Aren’t essay writing services too expensive?

This is a tricky question, because they are very highly priced, but the cheaper ones tend to be the ones that score poorly, are plagiarized or need lots of amendments. We have also seen cases where the very highly priced services have still made off with a student’s money for plagiarized work, or have provided a very poor service for a high price. That is why we set up our review service, to ensure that people are not messed around like this all the time.

What about refunds?

It is a good idea to read the refund policy of essay writing services before you buy. This is especially true if you are short of funds and putting all of your metaphorical eggs into one basket. With the top writing services you will not need a refund in the first place. Added to which, if a website is getting a bad reputation for not giving refunds, then ask yourself why they are being asked for refunds in the first place. If you find a good essay writing service then you won’t even need to read the refund policy because it will never apply.

How much are revisions?

The best writing services will offer free and unconditional revisions (known as amendments). This is because the services that score the best on our writing services reviews will often produce content that is so good that it does not need any amendments. The good writing services will offer free amendments without any conditions. They do this because they are so sure of the quality of their work.

What are the writers’ qualifications?

When we write our writing services review, we have no way of checking the qualifications of the writer, and neither do the students who use the services. All we can do is check the quality of the writing to see if it is good enough to pass the standards laid out by colleges and universities. We are able to tell if a piece has been written by a person with a degree or a person with a high school diploma.

There is no FAQ about writing services that will ever be able to answer the writer’s qualification question. But, if you dig deep you may find that some websites offer in-depth details about their writers’ qualifications a little like a miniature LinkedIN page. Still, we work hard to verify that the work they produce equates to the qualifications they claim they have.

How can I check for plagiarism?

Believe it or not, but this is something that you cannot check for. Some writing companies will offer you a plagiarism checker, but at best it will only check a portion of the Internet. However, there is no way of knowing if the essay you are about to hand in has not been handed in to another college at the same time, or during a previous term. You also cannot be sure if your essay will not be sold on again or even posted online for an online profit.

This is why essay review websites are so needed because they help you to pick between the honest and dishonest companies. We know all the hiding places for stolen essays and know of all the PDF directories that hold old essays. If an essay writing service is copying these works then we will recognize it. We also keep in touch with the student community so that we can expose any services that have burned their student customers.