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The Pros and Cons of Corrective Advertising

This essay discusses corrective advertising, which is a type of marketing activity used to correct false or misleading information about a company’s products or services. The effectiveness of corrective advertising is debated, and the formation of consumers’ opinions about it is also controversial. Different types of corrective advertising are described, including pixel correction, contextual correction, bandwagon correction, and persuasive correction.

The Prophet Joel and The Plan of Salvation

The book of Joel is a powerful message about God’s plan for salvation. This plan always involves judgment, but it also involves mercy and forgiveness. God is calling us to repentance so that He can save us from our enemies. When we turn to Him with all our heart, He will hear us and He will save us.

Immigration in Britain: A History

This essay looks at the history of immigration in Britain, as well as the current situation. It discusses the issue of racism and social tension in relation to immigration, and tries to find possible solutions to these problems.

The mosquito repellent industry in India: A volatile and competitive market

The mosquito repellent industry in India is quite volatile and competitive, with each company player coming up with new and innovative ways to capture the market. The companies in the mosquito repellent industry have to continuously upgrade their products and technology to stay ahead of the competition, and the management strategies of the companies have to be constantly updated to meet the changing needs of the market.

The Importance of Professional Development for Teachers

This essay discusses the importance of professional development for teachers. It describes the benefits of professional development and how it can help improve reading instruction and student achievement on standardized tests.

The Inevitability of Change: Why Organizations Must Embrace It

This essay discusses the inevitability of change and why it is hard for organizations to embrace it. It also outlines some steps that can be taken to overcome resistance to change and highlights the importance of involving both opinion leaders and slow learners in the process.

The Ideology of “Normal Punishment” and Child Abuse: A Functionalist Perspective

This essay looks at how the ideology that “normal punishment” is legitimate has contributed to child abuse, from a sociological perspective. It discusses how different social institutions like families, schools and neighbors can contribute to child abuse through the socialization of children, and also how they can contribute through direct maltreatment (e.g. physical abuse, emotional maltreatment, neglect).

The Dangers of Handguns: Why a Ban is the Only Way to Reduce Gun Violence

Nan Desuka’s article “Why Handgun Must Be Outlawed” makes a strong case for banning handgun ownership in America. Her argument is based on convincing evidence that handguns are more dangerous than other types of firearms, and she provides a compelling reason for why a ban on handgun ownership would reduce gun violence.