Great Argumentative Essay Topics

What is a long lasting marriage?

Should homosexual couples be able to marry?

Should cig smoking be banned?

What is to be done with nuclear waste?

Who should do the family and home chores?

Should companies sell to children?

Are we much too dependent on computers?

Do long distance love affairs work?

Our election process is not fair?

Are beauty pageants disgusting?

Are older people better pensioners?

Do we have a throw-it-away society?

Is the price of college too high?

How can people lose weight and stay thin?

Is homework useful for anything other than wasting time?

Does boredom lead to too much sex?

Is college admission a playground for the rich?

Is college cheating out of control?

Is student fashion important?

Are women too mean to each other?

How does birth control affect libido?

Is sugar really great for you?

Censorship is never justified.

How can you get out of “the friendship zone?”

Are sugar substitutes helpful for diabetes?

Are football players paid too much?

Do we have fair taxes in our country?

Age always matters in relationships?

The government should have a say in our diets?

The government should provide health care?

Does inter-racial adoption affect a white family?

Is it good to be one of three children?

Do curfews stop teens from getting into trouble?

Are Smartphones dangerous?

Why are Africans rapidly becoming more obese?

Are large families worse for children?

Should animals be used for research?

How have video games impacted family life?

How can you prevent divorce with a gun?

All citizens should be required by law to vote even if just abstaining?

How do naturally thin people stay that way?

Does religion cause all wars?

Is divorce something that kids recover from?

What is morbid obesity?

Is torture ever needed?

Can using red lights make a difference?

What age is appropriate for dating?

Can vegan diets be healthy?

Privacy is not the most important right.

Is pre-marital sex a good idea?

Are teenage marriages a good idea?

Should mothers stay home with their children?

Is surgery a good option for people to get a better nose?

Is nuclear energy really safe?

What are the dangers of using fracking?

Is competition good for fat people?

Dieting makes people too thin.

Does access to condoms prevent teenage perversion?

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