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The Effects of the Borders UK Collapse on the Bookselling Industry

The collapse of Borders UK in 2009 had a significant impact on the bookselling industry in the United Kingdom. The company was one of the leading bookstore chains in the country at the time, but the global financial crisis forced it to close all of its stores. This had a ripple effect on the bookselling industry, with an increase in online book sales, pressure on independent bookstores, and a decline in sales for small authors and independent publishers.

The Globalization of Markets: What You Need to Know

This essay discusses the difference between multinational and global corporations. It argues that many companies today are still operating as multinationals rather than true globals. The essay attributes this to the fact that most companies are still managed according to a "geographic organizational model" in which each country is managed as a separate entity. This results in each country having its own production facilities, marketing campaigns, and so on. The problem with this approach is that it leads to duplication of effort and wastefulness since each country is essentially doing its own thing rather than working together towards a common goal.

The Slave Trade and Rise of Capitalism

This essay discusses the role of the slave trade in the rise of capitalism. It argues that the slave trade was essential for the industrial revolution and that many capitalists in the west benefited from it.

The Benefits of Divorced Sex

This essay discusses the benefits of divorced sex and how it can be a helpful way to relieve tension and stress. Additionally, the essay discusses how sex is also good for your health and how it can help improve your overall well-being.

Abigail Adams and the Impact of Her Views on Republican Motherhood

This essay discusses Abigail Adams’ views on republican motherhood, and how they contributed to the American Revolution and the development of the United States. Adams believed that women’s education was essential for the maintenance of a healthy republic, and she advocated for women’s rights within the context of republican motherhood. Her views helped to shape the feminist movement of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and they are still relevant today.

Cultural Materialism: A Conceptual Analysis

The essay discusses Marvin Harris’ cultural materialism concept, which posits that all human social relations are determined by the material conditions of life. The concept is used to explain a wide range of phenomena, from the Pueblo Rebellion to the Russian Revolution. However, the concept has also been criticized for its reductionist approach and for its failure to take into account the role of ideas in social change.

The Complexity of Trade Deficits: An Introduction

This essay looks at the trade deficit growth in foreign trade, and how this can be a complex issue. It discusses the various factors that can affect the size of a country’s trade deficit, and how the evolution of trade deficits over time can be complex.

How War Museums and Memorial Sites in Japan Control the Memory of the Country’s Wartime Past

This essay discusses how war museums and memorial sites in Japan are used to control the memory of the country’s wartime past, particularly the memory of the Nanking Massacre and the Yasukuni Shrine. It argues that these museums and memorial sites are not just about remembering the past, but also about fabricating a certain version of history that is convenient for the Japanese government and military.