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The benefits of investing in income-producing property in Victoria Park, Perth

This essay looks at the proposed investments of around Aus $200,000 by J. Kirkwood in property situated in the Victoria Park in Perth, Western Australia. It analyses the market for income-producing property in this locality, provides a SWOT analysis of the property market in Victoria Park and considers rent prices in this suburb.

Clinical Pain Management: A Review of Treatment Options

This essay discusses various treatment options for three different cases of clinical pain: below-the-knee amputation, neuropathy secondary to diabetes, and chronic pain due to surgery. Medications, physical therapy, and electrical stimulation are all common treatments for clinical pain. Surgery is typically only considered as a last resort when other treatments have failed to provide relief.

The Early Life and Military Career of Idi Amin

This essay will discuss the early life and military career of Idi Amin, his seizure of power in Uganda, the economic decline of the country under his rule, and his eventual downfall. It will also explore the legacy that he has left behind.

The Value of Human Life in Business Ethics: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

This essay will explore the question of the value of human life in relation to business ethics from different theoretical and empirical perspectives. In particular, it will focus on the maritime industry which has been notorious for its high mortality rates. The essay will conclude that businesses have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their employees and should not prioritize profits over employee safety.

The History of Diversity in Social Life

This essay looks at the history of diversity in social life, the positive and negative sides of diversity, and the role of government in promoting or discouraging diversity.

The Impact of Software Infringement on Software Developers

This essay discusses the economic hardships faced by software creators, due to software infringement and the difficulties in monetizing their work. It describes how these issues can lead to lost sales and damage to a software developer’s reputation, and how copyright law does not provide adequate protection for software developers.

Black Men in Public Space: An Essay on Discrimination

In Brent Staples’ essay “Black Men in Public Space” he discusses the issues, experiences and struggles that black men face daily. He explains how society sees black men as a threat and how they are always being judged. He talks about how the media plays a role in how black men are perceived by the public and how they are often seen as “thugs” or “gangsters”. Staples argues that the way society sees black men is unjust and that they should not be treated differently just because of their skin color.