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The Brain: An Introduction

The brain is a complex organ that performs a wide variety of functions, including processing information from the senses, controlling movement, storing memories, generating speech, producing emotions, making decisions, and controlling urination and defecation. All of these functions are necessary for survival.

The Relationship Between Logic and Language

This essay discusses the similarities and differences between logic and language. It defines each term and explores the relationship between the two concepts. Finally, it concludes with thoughts on how they interact with each other.

The Writ of Habeas Corpus: A Post-Conviction Relief

The writ of habeas corpus is a post-conviction relief available to convicts who have exhausted their right to appeal. The writ of habeas corpus allows the court to review the legality of the conviction and sentence imposed on the convict. In the case of Khaireyll Benjamin Ibrahim, his mother filed a writ of habeas corpus on his behalf and he was released from prison after his conviction and sentence were set aside by the High Court.

The Use of Multimedia in the Website of the Maya Hotel

This essay discusses the role of multimedia in website design, with a focus on the three main types of multimedia: text, audio, and graphical messages. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and should be used in different ways depending on the message being communicated.

Beautiful Kate: A Contemporary Australian Cinema Masterpiece

“Beautiful Kate” is a 2009 Australian drama film directed by Rachel Ward. The film stars Ben Mendelsohn as Ned Kendall, a man who returns to his family home in Australia after the death of his father. There, he confronts the memories of his sister Kate (Mendelsohn’s real-life sister), who died in a car accident many years ago. The film deals with themes of redemption and coping up with the past.

The Partnership between Sahara and HP: A Win-Win Situation

The essay discusses the partnership between Sahara Petrochemicals Company and Hewlett-Packard (HP). The partnership will help Sahara to grow at a fast pace, reduce the cost of its datacenter operations, and rejuvenate its network systems.

Living Like a Weasel: The Advantages of Letting Go of Self-Consciousness

In this essay, Annie Dillard tries to show that animal existence is considered purer and more intense than human beings. This is done by contrasting the two different natures – human and animal. She claims that humans have this “self-consciousness” which always gets in the way of fully enjoying life, while animals live in the present moment and are not hindered by their thoughts.

The Importance of Geropsychology in Helping the Elderly

This essay discusses geropsychology, a type of psychology that deals with the study of aging. It explains how a clinical geropsychologist can help the elderly, and lists some of the problems the elderly face. Finally, it outlines some protective measures that can be taken to help the elderly.

The Six Sigma Principle: An Overview

The essay discusses the Six Sigma principle and its various applications in different spheres. It explains how the principle can be used to improve performance in healthcare, manufacturing, and the service industry.