Marketing Plan for Tenpin Bowling Company

1. Introduction

This report is prepared to present the marketing plan of Tenpin Bowling company which is an Australian family entertainment centre located in Brisbane, Queensland. The company offers a recreation activity for people of all ages that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The open times are from 09:00am to midnight, seven days a week. This report will firstly give a brief introduction about the company background. Secondly, it will analyse the current marketing mix and highlight the opportunities and issues under this market situation. Thirdly, objectives and strategies will be proposed based on the analysis. After that, action programs will be illustrated to achieve these objectives. Last but not least, control and evaluation measures will also be included in this report to make sure the objectives can be accomplished efficiently and effectively.

2. Executive summary

Tenpin bowling is currently positioned to take advantage of the major opportunities that have presented themselves within the society in Australia. The advantages include an aging population with increased discretionary time and income, increased international tourism, changes in family structures and an increased focus on health and fitness. There are also some potential threats to this industry such as substitution by other forms of entertainment, seasonality of demand, high costs associated with entry into the market and regulation surrounding liquor licensing. Despite these threats, there are a number of positive aspects which when exploited correctly can lead to significant growth for Tenpin Bowling Co.

The company has developed the following key marketing objectives for the next three years:
– To increase customer awareness of Tenpin Bowling Co as a fun and affordable night out for all ages
– To increase customer frequency to once per month
– To introduce new products and services which complement the current offering
– To increase customer spend per visit by up to 20%
– To expand the company’s operations into new locations across Australia.

3. Company background

Tenpin Bowling Co was established in Brisbane, Queensland in 1980 and has been providing families with a fun night out ever since. The company has 10 bowling lanes, a café/bar area and a games room with arcade games and pool tables. Tenpin Bowling Co is open from 09:00am until midnight seven days a week making it convenient for families to visit after school or work. Prices are very reasonable with discounts offered for students, seniors and group bookings. Birthday parties are also popular at Tenpin Bowling Co with dedicated staff members on hand to help set up and run the event so that parents can relax and enjoy the party too.

4. Current marketing mix

Tenpin Bowling Co’s current marketing mix is made up of the following elements:
– Product: recreational activities including ten-pin bowling, pool, arcade games etc
– Price: discount rates for students, seniors and group bookings
– Place: centrally located in Brisbane city with convenient opening hours
– Promotion: special offers and discounts advertised on website and social media
5 Opportunities and issues analysis 5.1 PESTEL Analysis 5.1 Political factors 5.2 Economic factors 5.3 Social factors 5.4 Technological factors 5.5 Environmental factors 5.6 Legal factors 5.2 Industry Analysis – Five Forces Model Figure 1: Five Forces Analysis of the Australian Ten-Pin Bowling Industry

opportunities and issues


The company's marketing objectives are to increase brand awareness and to generate more customers.

The target market for Tenpin Bowling Company is people who enjoy bowling and are looking for a fun, family-friendly activity.

The company will use a mix of online and offline marketing tools to achieve its objectives, including social media campaigns, print ads, and direct mailers.

The company will measure success by tracking increases in website traffic and customer inquiries.

Some risks and challenges the company faces include competition from other bowling companies, as well as the possibility that its marketing efforts may not be effective in reaching its target market.

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