The Pros and Cons of Corrective Advertising

This essay discusses corrective advertising, which is a type of marketing activity used to correct false or misleading information about a company’s products or services. The effectiveness of corrective advertising is debated, and the formation of consumers’ opinions about it is also controversial. Different types of corrective advertising are described, including pixel correction, contextual correction, bandwagon correction, and persuasive correction.

The Propaganda of Commercial Advertising

This essay discusses how commercial advertising is a propaganda system, what ulterior motives it has, and who benefits from it. It explains how businesses use techniques such as target marketing and celebrity endorsement to influence our thoughts and emotions about products or services. And while there are some benefits to commercial advertising, such as increased sales for businesses and awareness of new products for consumers, it is important to be aware of the ulterior motives behind it.

The Marketing Plan for the New Business Park in Kochi, Kerala

This essay discusses the marketing plan for a new business park that is being set up by Dubai Internet City in Kochi, Kerala. The park is expected to play a role as a global center of excellence for information technology companies. The marketing plan includes objectives, target markets, segmentation, positioning, and a budget.

The Harmful Effects of Television Advertising

This essay explores the harmful effects of television advertising, including the ways it can create unrealistic expectations, promote unhealthy products, target children and vulnerable people, encourage consumerism, and distort reality.

Printed Publications Response to Online News

This essay looks at the ways in which the rise of online news has impacted print media, and how print media has responded to this challenge. It discusses the ways in which online news has changed the way news is reported and how this has impacted print media, as well as examining the various ways in which print media has responded to this threat.

The Impact of Advertising on Family Relationships

This essay discusses the impact of advertising on family relationships. It argues that advertising can play a positive role in our family relationships by making us care about things and share them with our loved ones even when we don’t have much time for each other.