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The Current State of Senior Housing in America: A Mixed Bag

This essay looks at the current state of senior housing in America, with a focus on the challenges that seniors face in finding affordable and accessible housing. It also looks at the history of senior housing in America and the factors that are likely to shape the future of senior housing.

Marketing to Asian American Subcultures

This essay discusses the challenges faced by companies when marketing to Asian American subcultures. These challenges include language barriers, cultural differences, and targeting difficulties. Despite these challenges, companies can still find ways to effectively target this market segment by understanding the needs and wants of the consumers.

Strayer University Computer Lab Use Policy

The use of Strayer University computer labs is a privilege that may be revoked at any time for failure to comply with university policies, procedures, and regulations or for any illegal activity. All users must have a current Strayer University identification card (ID) and must present it upon request to any staff member or security officer. Only currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use the computer labs unless authorized by the Director of Information Technology or designee. Authorized guests must present their guest pass to any staff member or security officer upon request. All users must comply with all federal, state, and local laws while using university computing resources as well as all university policies and procedures. Violation of any federal or state law while using university computing resources may result in criminal penalties against you in addition to disciplinary action from Strayer University up to and including expulsion.

The American Civil War: Causes, Conditions, and Consequences

This essay will explore the different causes of the American Civil War and the conditions that soldiers had to endure during the conflict. In addition, it will also discuss the role of black soldiers in the Union army and how they were treated by their white counterparts.

The Negative Consequences of Arms Smuggling

This essay explores the history of arms smuggling, its causes, and its effects. It discusses how the illegal arms trade has grown in scope and sophistication in recent years and how it has negative consequences for both the countries that are supplying weapons and the countries that are receiving weapons.

The influence of Rome and Athens: A comparison of two ancient civilizations

This essay discusses how the ancient civilizations of Rome and Athens used different political, military, cultural, and social strategies to influence their surrounding areas at different times during the fifth century BCE. It provides a brief overview of each civilization and discusses how they rose to power and influenced their respective regions. Finally, it concludes by discussing the fall of Rome and Athens and how their influence declined.