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The Heian Period, Feudalism, and the Samurai Code of Honor

The Heian period was a time of great change in Japan. The emperor and his court moved from the ancient capital of Nara to the new city of Kyoto. This ushered in a new age of prosperity, as the arts and literature flourished under the court’s patronage. At the same time, the central government’s power began to wane, and the country became increasingly divided among powerful feudal lords.

The Different Causes of Depression

This essay discusses the different causes of depression, symptoms of the mental disorder, and various treatment methods. It also briefly covers ways to prevent depression.

The Importance of Empathy in “The Fish”

In her poem “The Fish,” Elizabeth Bishop explores the relationship between man and nature, and argues that humans still have the ability to connect with nature on an emotional level. This connection is what allows us to empathize with other creatures and understand their perspectives.

Male and Female Space in the Provençal Community

This essay discusses the gender segregation in the Provençal village, with a focus on the differences between male and female space. Male space is represented by the Ambrette club, where only men are allowed, and conversations between men often discuss topics such as sex. In contrast, female space is focused on domestic matters and private conversations among women. This segregation is likely due to the different roles that men and women have in the Provençal community.

The Impact of Hurricane Katrina on Victims’ PTSD

This essay discusses the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the mental health of its victims, specifically those suffering from PTSD. It also looks at the role that the media played in coverage of the event and how this may have affected those suffering from PTSD.

5 Ways to Prevent a Heart Attack

This essay discusses heart attacks, their causes, and how they can be prevented. It explains that the most common cause of a heart attack is atherosclerosis, and lists other risk factors such as smoking, obesity, and diabetes. The essay concludes with information on how to prevent heart attacks through lifestyle changes and medical treatment.

Efficient Implementation – The Key to Success

This essay discusses efficient implementation, which is defined as the successful adoption of new business processes, technologies or organizational changes within an organization with the aim of achieving desired outcomes. Various aspects that contribute to efficient implementation are discussed, such as statistics, business management, communication and process improvement.

The global culture against religious fundamentalism

This essay discusses the role of global culture in combating religious fundamentalism. It argues that the spread of globalized communication and culture can help to break down barriers between peoples and promote understanding and tolerance.