💥 Terrorism Essay Examples and Topics

The True Meaning of Terrorism

This essay looks at the different narratives of “terrorism” and argues that the true meaning of terrorism is the systematic use of violence to achieve political, social or economic goals.

Somalia: A Failed State

This essay discusses Somalia as a failed state, and some of the main reasons for this label. It also suggests some ameliorative measures which could help to improve the situation.

The rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Britain

This essay will explore how the perceptions of British Muslims as being responsible for terrorism is impacting public discourse and leading to an increase in support for far-right political parties.

Terrorism: A Complex Phenomenon with No One Definitive Definition

This essay looks at the different definitions of terrorism, why there is no one definitive definition, and the different types of terrorism. It also discusses the role of the media in shaping public perceptions of terrorism and the difficulties in prosecuting terrorists in international courts.

The origins of modern terrorism and the role of the US government

This essay looks at the origins of modern terrorism and the role of the US government in its rise. It discusses how terrorist groups have used violence and intimidation to achieve their goals, and how the US government has sometimes supported these groups. The essay also looks at the 9/11 attacks and the war on terror that followed.