⚔️ Warfare Essay Examples and Topics

Business Case Analysis of the US Army

The essay discusses the structure of the US Army and how it is influenced by strategy and size. The army uses a centralized decision-making process, and physical training helps soldiers to be physically fit and able to endure long periods of physical activity. Army personnel need to have knowledge of tactics, strategy, and weaponry.

Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State

This essay looks at the documentary “Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State” which explores the largest concentration camp during World War II and the atrocities that took place there.

The Debate about Commemorating Nazi Germany: Memory, Responsibility, and Atonement

This essay discusses the public debates surrounding the commemoration of the Third Reich and the Holocaust in Germany. It describes the different positions that people take in these debates and explores the factors that influence them, such as government decision making, historical interpretations, and personal experiences.

The Foreign Terrorist Organization Designation: Has it been effective in combating Al Shabaab?

Al Shabaab is a Somalia-based Islamic extremist group that has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the United States. The group emerged in 2006 out of the Somali youth movement, and it has since then waged an insurgency against the Somali government and its allies. In recent years, Al Shabaab has expanded its operations to include targets outside of Somalia, such as the 2013 Westgate Mall attack in Kenya. While the group’s ultimate goal is to establish an Islamic state governed by strict Sharia law, it has also been involved in piracy and the kidnapping of foreigners for ransom.

The foreign terrorist organization designation has not been effective in combating Al Shabaab. This is because the group is not a traditional terrorist organization, and therefore standard counterterrorism procedures do not apply. In addition, the complex nature of the conflict in Somalia makes it difficult to target Al Shabaab

Female Russian Snipers: From WWII to the Present Day

This essay discusses the role of female Russian snipers during the Second World War and in present-day Russia. It covers their training and achievements, as well as the reasons for their continued existence in the Russian army.

Reasons for Going to War

In this essay, the author discusses the three main reasons for going to war: imperialism, capitalism, and religion. The author also discusses the case of President Woodrow Wilson, who took a pacifist approach to the First World War.

The True Meaning of Terrorism

This essay looks at the different narratives of “terrorism” and argues that the true meaning of terrorism is the systematic use of violence to achieve political, social or economic goals.

The First Gulf War: A Turning Point in World History

The Gulf War was a conflict between Iraq and an international coalition led by the United States. It began in 1990 when Iraq invaded Kuwait and ended in 1991 when Iraq was forced to withdraw from Kuwait. The war was important because it showed that the international community was willing to use military force to stop aggression.