🏞 Effects of Tourism Essay Examples and Topics

The Role of Tourism in Health and Wellness

This essay discusses how health and wellness tourism is a rapidly growing trend, and explores how the tourism industry can be developed to maximize health benefits for both local and international visitors. It also looks at how spas can be promoted as part of the travel and tourism experience, and how tour operators could help prevent the sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS among tourists.

The Canadian Snowbird: Term Definition

The Canadian Snowbird is a term used to describe a Canadian citizen who travels to the southern United States or other warmer climates during the winter months in order to avoid the cold weather. The term was first used in print in 1971, in an article published in The Globe and Mail. Since then, it has become a popular way to refer to Canadians who travel south for the winter.

Coral Reefs: An Introduction

The essay discusses the importance of coral reefs, the threats they face, and the objectives of the IMC campaign to protect them. It describes the target audience and key message of the campaign, and outlines the strategy and execution.