The History of Marie Antoinette and Madame Bovary

The history is a rather controversial phenomenon as in different epochs historians, politicians and ordinary people perceive and interpret it in different ways. The 18th century in France was one of the most complicated and difficult periods in the country’s history. It was the time of great social changes, when the ideas of equality, liberty and fraternity were firstly voiced and when the Great French Revolution took place.

The Revolution was caused by a number of factors, among which were the financial problems of the state, high taxes, food shortages, social inequality and others. The people were tired of the absolute monarchy and wanted to change something. The situation was aggravated by the fact that Marie Antoinette, who was the wife of Louis XVI, was not very popular among the people. She was an Austrian princess and she didn’t understand the needs and problems of her people.

Marie Antoinette became one of the main symbols of the Revolution. She was blamed for all the troubles and problems that existed in France at that time. In particular, she was accused of spending too much money on herself while people were starving. In 1793, Marie Antoinette was arrested and sent to prison. A year later she was tried and sentenced to death.

The story of Marie Antoinette is well-known not only because it is a part of French history, but also because it was used by Flaubert in his novel “Madame Bovary”. This book is considered to be one of the best works of French literature of the 19th century. It is a story about a woman named Emma Bovary, who is bored with her life and decides to have an affair.

Emma is not happy with her husband Charles, who is a simple country doctor. She wants to have some excitement in her life and she thinks that an affair will make her feel better. However, things don’t go as she expects and she only makes her life worse. In the end, she takes arsenic and commits suicide.

Flaubert based Emma’s story on Marie Antoinette’s story. He wanted to show that even people who seem to have everything can be unhappy with their lives. Emma is a symbol of all those women who want to escape from their boring reality and find some adventure. However, Flaubert also shows that reality always catches up with us and we can’t run away from it forever.

The story of Marie Antoinette is a story about a woman who was born into a royal family but who didn’t have a happy life. She was misunderstood by her people and she paid for it with her life. Flaubert’s “Madame Bovary” is a story about a woman who tries to escape from her boring reality but who only makes things worse for herself. These stories show that even if we have everything we can still be unhappy with our lives.


Sophia Coppola was inspired to make a film about Marie Antoinette because she was fascinated by her story and how she has been portrayed in history.

The film differs from other historical dramas about Marie Antoinette in that it is more focused on her personal life and relationships than on the political aspects of her reign.

Coppola's take on Marie Antoinette is that she was a complex person who was misunderstood by many. Dunst successfully portrays this complexity on screen.

The film accurately portrays the events leading up to the French Revolution, but does not dwell on them too much.

Kirsten Dunst is successful in portraying Marie Antoinette on screen, and audiences reacted positively to her performance when the film was first released.

“Marie Antoinette” is an important work in Coppola's career thus far because it showcases her talent for telling complex stories about fascinating women. There are a few potential inspirations that may have inspired Sophia Coppola to make a film about Marie Antoinette. First, Coppola is known for her films that focus on the lives of young women and their coming-of-age experiences. Marie Antoinette was just a teenager when she became queen of France, so Coppola may have been drawn to her story as a way to explore the pressure and responsibility that comes with being thrust into adulthood at such a young age. Additionally, Coppola has said in interviews that she related to Marie Antoinette's experience of being an outsider in a foreign country; both Coppola and Marie Antoinette were born into wealthy families but had to adjust to very different lifestyles when they married into royalty. Finally, the French Revolution is an inherently dramatic and tragic event, and it would have been interesting for Coppola to explore how someone like Marie Antoinette, who was caught up in the middle of it all, experienced those events.

The film differs from other historical dramas about Marie Antoinette in a few key ways. First, most other films about her life focus primarily on her years as queen and don't spend much time exploring her childhood or early adulthood. Additionally, many other films depictMarie Antoinette as a one-dimensional villainous figure; while she certainly isn't portrayed as perfect in Coppola's film, audiences get to see multiple sides of her personality and learn more about what motivated her actions. Finally, “Marie Antoinette” is significantly more stylized than other historical dramas; for example, the costumes and sets are incredibly lavish and colorful, which creates a more fairy tale-like atmosphere.

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