📝 Public Policies Essay Examples and Topics

The New Deal era in America: Economic crisis and political change

The New Deal era was a time of economic crisis and political change in the United States. The policies enacted during this time helped to spur economic growth and reduce poverty, but they also led to a more active role for government in the economy. The legacy of the New Deal can still be seen today in programs like Social Security and in the ongoing debate over the role of government in society.

The Importance of Planning for Development

This essay discusses the link between planning and development, with a focus on how planning is a vital function for enhancing economic growth. It also looks at how planning is generally considered to be a governmental function, and outlines the main objectives of planning, including economic development, social development, and environmental protection. Finally, the essay discusses the concept of sustainable development and the Millennium Development Goals.

The Negative Impacts of Free Trade on the Canadian Economy and Society

This essay discusses the negative impacts of free trade on the Canadian economy and society. It argues that free trade has exacerbated inequality, reduced wages, and led to job losses in certain sectors of the economy. These trends are bad for workers, bad for social cohesion, and bad for the Canadian economy as a whole. The Canadian government should reconsider its strategy of liberalizing trade and instead focus on policies that will help to improve the lives of workers and reduce inequality.

The Impact of Employment Insurance on the Health of Canadians

The essay discusses the Employment Insurance (EI) program in Canada, its qualifying requirements, training programs, and how it affects the health of Canadians. It also discusses how the EI program has changed over time and how these changes have impacted the health of Canadians.

The Problem with Healthcare in the United States and the Proposed Solution of Introducing Private Insurers

This essay discusses a recent news article about health policy reforms from the perspective of the public policy paradigm. The article discusses the current problems with healthcare in the United States and the proposed solution of introducing private insurers. It is argued that while the proposed solution may help to address some of the existing problems, it is unlikely to be effective in the long-term without significant changes to the way that healthcare is currently regulated by government.

The Economic Stimulus Bill: Pros and Cons

The economic stimulus bill is a controversial piece of legislation that was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2009 in response to the Great Recession. The bill includes a variety of tax cuts and spending measures totaling $787 billion, with the goal of creating or saving 3.5 million jobs. While the long-term effects of the bill are still unknown, it remains one of the most significant pieces of legislation passed in recent years.

The youth wage: does it work in practice?

In this essay, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the youth wage in Australia. I will argue that the evidence suggests that the youth wage is not working in practice, and that it is not an effective way to reduce youth unemployment or improve job prospects for young people.