⚖️ Politics & Government Essay Examples and Topics

JFK and Vietnam: The Early Years

This essay looks at JFK’s early years, his Vietnam policy, and how the war led to his assassination. It also discusses the aftermath of JFK’s death and how the Vietnam War continued to divide the US.

The President Ronald Reagan Power: The Air Traffic Controller Strike 1981

The essay discusses Ronald Reagan’s handling of the 1981 air traffic controller strike. It examines his decision to fire more than 11,000 strikers and replace them with non-unionized workers. The case highlights Reagan’s leadership during a time of crisis and demonstrates his willingness to use his executive power to achieve his goals. It also discusses the role of communication and willpower in Reagan’s decision-making process.

The Legacy of Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji

This essay discusses the major contributions of Jiang Zemin and Zhu Rongji to China’s economic development, as well as their role in human rights abuses and corrupt activities.

The Importance of the Public Domain

The essay discusses the importance of the public domain and how it has declined over time. It argues that the public domain is still important and can be revived by making it more visible and accessible.

The Views of Moloney and Bruce on the Position of the IRA

This essay will aim to compare and discuss the views of two authors on the Irish Republican Army (IRA), Moloney and Bruce. In particular, it will focus on how they see the position of the IRA in relation to violence, Protestants and Catholics, and also in relation to Ian Paisley, the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP).

Deliberative Democracy in Action: Three Case Studies

This essay explores three case studies of deliberative democracy in action. The first case study looks at the flying of the Confederate flag, the second case study looks at moral conflict and the NAACP, and the third case study looks at Governor Bentley and the southern heritage. These case studies show how deliberative democracy can be used to resolve controversy and reach a decision that is acceptable to everyone.

The Impact of Globalization on Citizenship

This essay discusses the impact of globalization on citizenship from theoretical, legal, and political perspectives. It argues that globalization has led to the erosion of the traditional territorial and nationalistic conceptions of citizenship and to the development of a more global sense of citizenship.

The New Deal era in America: Economic crisis and political change

The New Deal era was a time of economic crisis and political change in the United States. The policies enacted during this time helped to spur economic growth and reduce poverty, but they also led to a more active role for government in the economy. The legacy of the New Deal can still be seen today in programs like Social Security and in the ongoing debate over the role of government in society.