🤝 International Relations Essay Examples and Topics

The Impact of Globalization on Citizenship

This essay discusses the impact of globalization on citizenship from theoretical, legal, and political perspectives. It argues that globalization has led to the erosion of the traditional territorial and nationalistic conceptions of citizenship and to the development of a more global sense of citizenship.

The War in Afghanistan: Causes, Efforts, and Challenges

This essay discusses the causes of the war in Afghanistan and the efforts that the United States has made to win the war, including President Obama’s troop increase. It also discusses some of the challenges that remain in Afghanistan.

The Future of US Hegemony

This essay discusses the concept of hegemony, with a focus on the United States. Hegemony is defined as a preponderance of power or influence over others, and it has been used in a variety of contexts. The United States has been accused of hegemony in many areas, including its foreign policy, economic policy, and even its cultural influence. Critics argue that the United States uses its power to further its own interests at the expense of other nations. Supporters of the United States argue that it is a force for good in the world and that its actions are motivated by a desire to spread democracy and freedom.

The South China Sea: A shifting power dynamic

This essay looks at how the power distribution has changed in the South China Sea since 2016, when an international court ruled that China’s territorial claims were invalid. It examines how China has become more assertive and the other countries around the sea more wary of Chinese intentions.

The CPV, the President, and the Social System: Shaping Vietnam’s Foreign Policy

This essay discusses the history of Vietnam’s foreign policy orientation, the Communist Party’s role in shaping foreign policy, the president’s role in shaping foreign policy, the National Assembly’s role in shaping foreign policy, and the influence of the social system, media, and public opinion on foreign policy.

The Great Game and China’s Role in It

This essay discusses China’s role in the Great Game, a period of intense competition and rivalry between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia. While China was not directly involved in the Great Game, it played a significant role nonetheless. This is because China was seen as a potential prize by both the British and the Russians, as well as a potential threat.

The European Neighborhood Policy: An Effective Tool of Immigration Policy?

This essay discusses the effectiveness of the European Neighborhood Policy as a tool of immigration policy. It assesses the impact of the ENP on immigration policy and whether or not it effectively manages immigration. The essay concludes with some recommendations on how to improve the effectiveness of the ENP as a tool of immigration policy.