🤵 Political Philosophies Essay Examples and Topics

Rawls’ Theory of Justice as Fairness

Rawls’ theory of justice as fairness is a powerful and influential theory that has had a major impact on political philosophy, economics, and even legal theory. The theory is based on two key ideas: first, that there is a basic structure of society, and second, that justice is a matter of fairness. Rawls believes that there are two principles of justice that should govern the basic structure of society: the liberty principle and the difference principle. The difference principle has been criticized by many philosophers, but it remains an important part of Rawls’ theory.

2 Critique of Philosophical Theories in Politics

This essay will critically examine various philosophical theories of politics, with a focus on Rawls’ theory of justice, John Stuart Mill’s defense of individual liberty, and utilitarianism.

The Influence of Nietzsche on Hitler and the Third Reich

Nietzsche’s ideas about power, the place of man in the world, mechanization, language, truth, and history had a profound influence on Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich. Many of these ideas were borrowed and introduced by Hitler, who could be considered Nietzsche’s most faithful follower.

The Fundamental Notions of Politics

This essay discusses the different aspects of politics, from the concept of the state to modern political concepts such as the social contract and separation of powers. It also introduces some of the key figures in political thought, including Aristotle, Aquinas, Machiavelli, and Karl Marx.

Portrait of an Ideal World: Mencken’s Vision of America

In “Portrait of an Ideal World,” Mencken offers a utopian vision of what America could be like if certain social problems were solved. He attributes this utopian state to the legalization of alcohol, which he believes will lead to a decrease in crime and corruption. He also argues that this will improve the health status of Americans by making it easier for them to get drunk and thus relieve themselves of stress. While Mencken’s view of America may seem idealized, it is important to remember that he was writing during a time when the sale of alcohol was prohibited. Thus, his vision of an America where people can drink freely without fear of breaking the law would have been quite radical for its day.

Plato’s Republic: Social and Political Philosophy

The Republic is a classic work of philosophy by Plato, discussing the nature of justice, the good life, and the ideal state. The book makes use of allegories and myths to illustrate various points about politics and philosophy.

The politicization of science: a serious problem in America today

This essay discusses the politicization of science in America and the problems that it can cause. It describes how politicians often use science to further their own agendas, without considering the potential consequences. This can lead to bad decision making and a clash between religion and science.

The impact of city governance on interest groups and communities

In his book “Who Governs?”, Robert Dahl looks at how the political elite can influence city government decisions and how these decisions can impact urban communities. He argues that most city governments are controlled by a small number of elites who often make decisions that benefit themselves rather than the community as a whole. This can lead to policies that are not in the best interest of the community and can even result in corruption.