💍 Marriage Essay Examples and Topics

The Case Against Gay Marriage

This essay looks at the arguments against gay marriage, including the belief that it is a religious institution, that homosexual couples are not entitled to the same rights as heterosexual couples, and that it would cost taxpayers millions in social security and death benefits.

The Causes and Effects of Military Divorce

This essay discusses the causes and effects of military divorce. The most common cause of military divorce is infidelity, which can be caused by the stress of deployment, re-deployment, and work demands. Civilians married to servicemen or servicewomen often have a hard time understanding their spouse’s job demands, which can lead to tension and arguments in the relationship. Children of divorced servicemen and servicewomen often have a hard time adjusting to their parents’ new lifestyles. The culture of moving constantly can also add more pressure on a military marriage.

The institution of marriage: An important social institution

The institution of marriage is an important social institution. It is a relationship between two individuals which is recognized by law and society. Marriage is a cultural universal, which means that it is found in all cultures around the world. In spite of this, the institution of marriage has different meanings and functions in different cultures.

In India, marriage is not just a personal relationship but it is also an occasion for celebrating the social, economic and religious bonds between families and communities. It is considered as a sacred institution and is often seen as a way of strengthening relationships between families and communities. Indian marriages are usually arranged by the parents or elders of the family. The bride and groom are not usually involved in the process of selecting their partner.

The decision to marry is often taken after considering various factors such as caste, class, religion, family background, economic status

The Relationship Between Marital Satisfaction and Various Variables

This study sought to determine the factors that lead to satisfaction in marriage even when conflicts are present. The variables looked at include: longevity of marriage, religiosity, level of education, J-Curve effect, and willingness to forgive. The study found that all these variables play a role in satisfaction despite conflict.

Cohabitation before marriage: the pros and cons

This essay discusses the positive and negative aspects of cohabitation before marriage. It argues that while there are some benefits to cohabiting before marriage, such as saving money and helping couples get to know each other better, there are also some drawbacks, such as financial problems and an increase in the number of single parents. Ultimately, the decision whether or not to cohabit before marriage is a personal one that should be made by each couple based on their own circumstances.

A Comparison of Western and Kadara Marriage and Family Systems

This essay explores the differences between Western society’s marriage and family systems with that of the Kadara people of Nigeria. It looks at how the concept of marriage has evolved over time in both cultures and the reasons behind these changes. In particular, it focuses on the role that love plays in marriage, as well as the institution of polygamy. It also compares and contrasts the way in which children are raised in both cultures and how families cope with death and bereavement.

The “Drawbridge Assignment”: A Legal, Moral, and Logical Dilemma

This essay discusses the so-called “drawbridge assignment” from different perspectives. The story goes as follows: a baroness is stuck in a village after her bridge collapses and she must decide whether to go back to her castle and face her husband’s anger or stay in the village and wait for help. The story can be discussed from legal, moral, and logical perspectives.

The Prevalence of Violence in Cohabiting Relationships and Its Consequences

This essay discusses the problem of violence in cohabiting relationships. It describes the various forms of violence that can occur, the prevalence of violence in these relationships, and the consequences of violence for victims and witnesses. The essay also provides some tips on how to prevent violence in cohabiting relationships.

The Changing Roles of Marriage and Motherhood: How Our Views Have Changed Over Time

This essay discusses the challenges faced by marriage and motherhood today and how they have changed over time. It describes the changing roles of husband and wife, the concept of love marriages, and the changes in motherhood over time. It also discusses the challenges faced by both marriage and motherhood today, including the high divorce rate and the struggle to balance work and home life.