Essay About Myself

I am a hardworking, driven and ambitious person with an opinion and something to say about everything. One thing that I just do not do is apathy. I love knowledge and find out as much as I can about everything, and the result of this is that I have something to contribute to near enough every subject.

Success is very important to me. I am the sort of person who wants to do the best possible at everything I turn my hand to. I’m still undecided about what I want to do with my future but I couldn’t ever be content doing a boring job just for the money. I would, and have, do any kind of work that I needed to if it was all that was available, but could only be truly happy doing something that made me feel good in some way, probably by helping others. I need something with a reward that goes far beyond the money going into my bank account at the end of the month. My life would not be completely fulfilled without doing something worthwhile with my time, even if it were to be as a volunteer.

However, the most important thing to me is my family. I have a wonderful husband who keeps me going through all the tough times and we are going to have a family of our own very soon. I know that bringing up our little bundle of joy is going to be the greatest achievement of my life, as well as the most challenging thing that I will ever do. Being a mother is something I have wanted since I was a small child myself and is a big part of me achieving the life satisfaction that I hope for.

Friendship is another aspect of my life that is very important to me. I believe that friends are just like your family, only you have the advantage of being able to choose who they are. I believe the best friendships are always formed with people with whom you have one or many things in common. Friendships developing through a common interest are much stronger than those formed at school or work where you end up becoming friends with the people you just happen to be stuck with. This is why my best friends are from university, where I was studying something I love with others who share the same passion.

There are also several other things that are important to me in life. I am a real animal lover and have two cats that I totally adore. I find having pets very rewarding because if you put in a little time and effort to love and play with them, and attend to all their basic needs, they will pay you back double with love and affection. There is something very soothing about having a happy, purring cat curl up on your lap after you’ve had a bad day. I’m certain that in the future I will have more pets but I like to be responsible and will wait until it is the right time.

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