📰 Journalism Essay Examples and Topics

Printed Publications Response to Online News

This essay looks at the ways in which the rise of online news has impacted print media, and how print media has responded to this challenge. It discusses the ways in which online news has changed the way news is reported and how this has impacted print media, as well as examining the various ways in which print media has responded to this threat.

The Journalist and the Murderer: Ethical Questions Raised by Janet Malcolm

“The Journalist and the Murderer” by Janet Malcolm is a thorough analysis of the case between Jeffrey McDonald and Joe McGinniss. Malcolm argues that McGinniss violated many ethical principles in his dealings with McDonald, including the trust between a journalist and their sources, the publication of a story, and the public interest vs. the art of writing.

The Importance of Ethical Conduct in Journalism

The essay discusses the importance of ethical conduct in journalism, with a focus on the case of the cockroaches in the restaurant. It highlights how the media can fail to adhere to ethical standards, which can often have disastrous consequences.

The Future of Newspapers: Uncertain Times Ahead

This essay discusses the various challenges that newspapers are currently facing, including the commercialization of newspapers, the changing nature of their content, and the management of newspapers in the United States.

The Relationship Between Marketability and Media Coverage of Homicide Events

This paper provides a methodological examination of a 2005 study on the criteria of the media depictions of homicide in the metropolitan area of Houston, Texas. The goal of the study was to test whether or not the theoretical orientation of “market driven journalism” could be used to explain variation in homicide coverage. The authors found that there was a relationship between marketability and media coverage; specifically, more marketable events were more likely to receive media attention. These findings have implications for how we understand homicide and its portrayal in the media.

The Role of Anthropomorphism in Social Facilitation

This essay looks at the role of anthropomorphism in social facilitation, using a laboratory experiment with University students. The results showed that participants rated a human baby as more ‘real’ than a cat, regardless of whether they had seen the baby before. This suggests that anthropomorphism can lead to social facilitation, even when there is no prior relationship between the observer and the target of anthropomorphism.