💲 Investment Essay Examples and Topics

The Privatization of Social Security

The essay discusses the potential benefits of privatizing the social security system in the United States. It argues that privatization would allow for improved capacity for the poor and low-income earners to invest, a higher rate of return on investments, and longer life expectancy and lower poverty rates.

Economic Bubbles and Stock Prices: Evidence from Saudi Arabia

This paper examines the possible effect of economic bubbles on the stock prices of banks in Saudi Arabia. A simple statistical method is used to test for evidence of economic bubbles in the weekly stock prices of three major banks in Saudi Arabia: Riyad Bank, SAMBA Financial Group, and Saudi Fransi Bank. The results indicate that it is possible for an economic bubble to exist in the weekly stock price for Saudi Fransi Bank.

The Potential Capital Project for Flight Centre Limited

Flight Centre Limited is considering a capital project that would see the company expand its building by adding a new wing. This would provide additional space for accommodating travelers as well as for other purposes, such as additional stores or restaurants. The capital investment required for this project is significant, and it will need to be carefully considered in order to ensure that it is financially viable.

The benefits of investing in income-producing property in Victoria Park, Perth

This essay looks at the proposed investments of around Aus $200,000 by J. Kirkwood in property situated in the Victoria Park in Perth, Western Australia. It analyses the market for income-producing property in this locality, provides a SWOT analysis of the property market in Victoria Park and considers rent prices in this suburb.

The Subdivision Development Method: A Simple Approach to Estimating Raw Land Value

The subdivision development method (SDM) is a land valuation approach that can be used to estimate the market value of raw (undeveloped) land. It is based on estimating the cost of developing raw land into buildable lots, and then subtracting that cost from the estimated sales price of the finished lots. This results in an estimate of the land’s “development value”, which approximates its market value.

The Saudi Energy and Petrochemical Industry

The essay discusses the energy and petrochemical industry in Saudi Arabia. It provides an overview of the country’s oil and gas reserves, production, refining capacity, and petrochemical industry. The essay also profiles the state-owned Saudi Aramco and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), two of the leading companies in the sector.

The Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority: An Overview

The Saudi Arabia General Investment Authority (SAGIA) is a government organization that facilitates investments into Saudi Arabia. SAGIA is also involved in other various economic aspects of the country, such as transportation and tourism. This essay has given a brief overview of what SAGIA is along with some key points on why it is important not just for potential investors but also for those who wish to do business within Saudi Arabia itself.

The Saudi Cement Industry: Facing Challenges due to Oversupply and Low Prices

The Saudi cement industry is the most important manufacturing activity in the Kingdom after oil and gas. The cement industry in Saudi Arabia is growing rapidly, due to high local demand for cement and construction activity in the country. However, the industry is facing some challenges, due to overcapacity and low prices.

Institutional investors in the new economy: challenges and opportunities

This essay looks at the implications of the new economy for institutional investors. It discusses how the new economy has changed the way businesses are valued, and how this has created challenges for traditional investment strategies. The essay also looks at how the new economy has created opportunities for investors in areas such as human capital and intellectual property.