📊 Economics Essay Examples and Topics

The Current State of Senior Housing in America: A Mixed Bag

This essay looks at the current state of senior housing in America, with a focus on the challenges that seniors face in finding affordable and accessible housing. It also looks at the history of senior housing in America and the factors that are likely to shape the future of senior housing.

The Importance of Alan Greenspan’s “Crisis”

In “Crisis”, Alan Greenspan had made an earnest effort to figure out the new emerging economic factors which came to existence as an after effect of the “Cold War”. The book is divided into three parts, the first part deals with the new era of economics, the second part with the role of the United States in the global economy and the third part with the role of China in global economy.

The Impact of Globalization on Asian and Chinese Organic Medicines

This essay will explore the concept of globalization and its impact on Asian and Chinese organic medicines. It will discuss the process of globalization and how it has led to the rise of Asia and China as major players in the global market. Additionally, it will examine the impact of globalization on Asian and Chinese organic medicines, and how this has resulted in increased demand from consumers around the world.

The Effects of the Borders UK Collapse on the Bookselling Industry

The collapse of Borders UK in 2009 had a significant impact on the bookselling industry in the United Kingdom. The company was one of the leading bookstore chains in the country at the time, but the global financial crisis forced it to close all of its stores. This had a ripple effect on the bookselling industry, with an increase in online book sales, pressure on independent bookstores, and a decline in sales for small authors and independent publishers.

The Economics of Monopolies

A monopoly is a type of market structure in which there is only one provider of a particular product or service. Monopolies can arise in several different ways and often have significant market power. This allows them to set prices at whatever level they choose and can lead to economic inefficiency. Additionally, monopolies often use their market power to restrict output and limit innovation, which can also lead to higher prices and decreased welfare for consumers.

The Impact of Globalization on Poverty Reduction

This essay will provide a review of the literature on globalization and its effect on economies. In particular, it will focus on the impact of globalization on poverty reduction and job creation. It will also discuss the need for policy measures to humanize the openness of markets.

The Different Types of Credit Card Fees and How Banks Set Them

This essay explores the different types of credit card fees and how banks set them. It discusses the three main types of fees – processing fees, merchant interchange fees, and loss compensation fees – and explains how banks use factors such as transaction type, MCC, and purchase location to determine the amount of these fees.

The Importance of Money in the Macro Economy

This essay discusses the role of money in the macro economy, with a focus on its importance for businesses and households. It also discusses the current macroeconomic situation in the United States, which is favorable due to the strong liquidity position of the economy.