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The Ethics of Business: A Case Study of the Tesco Bean-Price Scandal

This essay discusses the history of business ethics and how it applies to modern businesses. It covers the three major schools of thought in business ethics, and how businesses can use these theories to make ethical decisions. The essay also looks at a case study of an unethical business practice, and how this can damage a company’s reputation.

Marketing Strategies for a New Product in the Video Game Industry

This study investigates the marketing strategies of a new product in the video game industry, and develops a customized web-based application for the same. The findings from this study indicate that there is a demand for such a product in the market, and that it is feasible to establish this service in terms of its target audience, competition, and marketing strategies.

The Different Causes of Depression

This essay discusses the different causes of depression, symptoms of the mental disorder, and various treatment methods. It also briefly covers ways to prevent depression.

Clinical Psychology vs. Counseling Psychology: What are the Differences?

This essay discusses the similarities and differences between clinical psychology and counseling psychology. Clinical psychology deals with the assessment and treatment of mental health problems and disorders, while counseling psychology deals with the promotion of mental health among the people in the society. Both fields are similar in many ways, but there are also some differences between them.

The Role of Clinical Assessment in Medicine

This essay discusses the role of clinical assessment in medicine. Clinical assessment is the process of gathering information about an individual in order to establish a diagnosis, plan treatment, and make predictions about prognosis and outcome. The essay looks at how clinical assessment can be used to establish the reason for abnormal conduct and identify intervention and treatment methods.

The Use of Forensic Accounting in Fraud and Audit Investigations

This essay discusses the use of forensic accounting in fraud and audit investigations. It describes different types of forensic accounting techniques and explains the importance of interviews in these investigations. The essay also outlines the key elements of an effective audit plan.

The Moral Obligations of Human Beings Towards Animals

This essay discusses the question of animal rights from the perspective of environmental ethics. It argues that animals should have some rights because they are sentient creatures, and that we have some moral obligations towards them.

Downsizing in Business – Advantages and Disadvantages

Downsizing is a reduction in the number of employees working in an organization, typically as a result of financial difficulties experienced by the company. The main motive behind a downsizing strategy is the anticipated cut off in costs that are incurred for paying the staff in a business organization. Downsizing can also be motivated by other reasons such as a need to increase efficiency and productivity, to become more competitive, or to improve safety culture. There may also be political implications for downsizing decisions and these need to be considered when making any plans to reduce staff numbers.