Idiot Nation: An Essay by Michael Moore

Michael Moore’s essay “Idiot Nation” discusses the poor state of education in America and how it is contributing to a nation of idiots. He provides several examples and blames the education system for not teaching students useful skills or preparing them for the real world. While his solutions are unrealistic, the essay makes some valid points about the state of education in America today.

The Importance of a Valid Program Logic Model

This essay discusses the importance of program evaluation and the logical model approach. It explains how the logical model can be used to improve program effectiveness and/or efficiency.

The Negative Impact of the Modern Education System

This essay discusses the negative impact that the changes in the education system have had on both students and teachers. The focus on careers has led to a decline in the quality of education, and the influence of advertisements and television culture has further exacerbates this problem.

A Policy for Student Entrepreneurs

This paper recommends a policy for student entrepreneurs that would allow them to carry out business activities using campus resources. The policy would allow businesses that sell products or services to other students on campus, businesses that are run by student organizations, and businesses that do not require the use of campus resources. Businesses that sell products or services to the general public or businesses that require the use of campus resources would be prohibited.