Solving the Ethical Issues in CourseNet

This essay discusses the ethical issues that arise from computer and information technology, as well as the solutions that can be implemented to solve these issues.

The Importance of Product Creativity at General Motors

This essay looks at General Motors, a company with a long history of product innovation. It discusses the company’s focus on product creativity and its commitment to introducing new products. It also looks at some of the challenges the company has faced in recent years.

The European Union: Its Purpose and Evolution

The essay discusses the various changes that have taken place in the European Union since its inception. These include the enlargement of the EU and the adoption of the Lisbon Treaty. The essay argues that these changes suggest that the EU is evolving to become an increasingly important player on both the economic and political stages.

The Importance of Branding in Politics

This essay discusses the role of branding in politics, the benefits and challenges of political branding, and the future of this increasingly important aspect of campaigning.

The Challenges of Globalization and the Relevance of the State

In this essay, I will discuss the challenges of globalization and the relevance of the state in the global age. In particular, I will argue that while globalization has created new challenges for states, it has also created new opportunities for cooperation and innovation.

The Patriot Act: Security vs. Liberty

This essay will examine the debate over security and liberty in the context of the Patriot Act. It will discuss the definition of terrorism and the arguments for and against the Act.