The Use of Forensic Accounting in Fraud and Audit Investigations

This essay discusses the use of forensic accounting in fraud and audit investigations. It describes different types of forensic accounting techniques and explains the importance of interviews in these investigations. The essay also outlines the key elements of an effective audit plan.

Mr. Locker’s Memories of the Vietnam War

This essay contains the memories of Mr. David Locker, a veteran of the Vietnam War, about his time in the conflict. He speaks about boot camp, Lieutenant Jim Jones, Saigon, and the food and supply shortages that were common during the war.

The Various Approaches to Neuropsychology

This essay discusses neuroimaging and methods in adult neuropsychology. Neuropsychology is the study of brain-behavior relationships, and thus a neuropsychologist should have knowledge of physiology, psychology, and neurology. There are four main approaches to neuropsychology – the clinical interview, cognitive-behavioral approach, psychodynamic approach, and neuroscientific approach – and each has benefits and drawbacks. The cognitive and affective neuroscience approach is a newer method that uses brain imaging and electrophysiology to study the relationship between brain function and behavior.

Discrimination against Women in United Kingdom

This research paper investigates the discrimination against women in United Kingdom. Qualitative data from interviews with five women of different ages, educational backgrounds, and occupations are analyzed to understand their experiences with discrimination. The findings show that all interviewees believe there is discrimination against women in UK, though the intensity varies. The root cause of the problem is identified as the patriarchal society which wants to keep women under control. Most interviewees have faced discrimination in their workplaces due to their gender. Recommendations are made for awareness programs to change the mindset of people, gender-neutral policies in organizations, and stricter laws to prevent discrimination against women.