🛡️ Accidents & Protection Essay Examples and Topics

The Incident Command System and Risk Assessment for Buncefield

This essay discusses the incident command system used to manage the Buncefield fire in 2005. It covers the reasons for its establishment, the various levels of command within the system, and how to carry out an appropriate risk assessment for the site.

The Importance of Seat Belt Laws

This essay discusses the history of seat belts and seat belt laws, the effect of seat belts on safety, the benefits of seat belt laws, and the challenges of enforcing seat belt laws.

The Role of Crew Resource Management in the United Airlines Flight 232 Crash

This essay discusses the events of the United Airlines Flight 232 accident, as well as the role played by crew resource management (CRM) in mitigating disaster. We will examine how CRM helped the flight crew to effectively deal with the engine failure and subsequent loss of hydraulic pressure, and how proper communication between the pilots and air traffic controllers helped to ensure that everyone onboard was aware of what was happening and knew what needed to be done in order to improve the chances of survival.