🧗 Other Sports Essay Examples and Topics

The Role of Professional Sports in the American Community

This essay discusses the role of professional sports in the American community and the benefits and costs associated with them. Professional sports have played a significant role in the American community, contributing to social and economic development, promoting integration, and fighting racism. However, professional sports can also be costly to taxpayers, lead to gentrification, and cause traffic congestion and air pollution.

Snowboarding – A Brief History

This essay looks at the history of snowboarding, the different types of snowboarding, the popularity of the sport, and the international governing body for the sport.

The Unpreparedness of Athletes for Retirement

Many athletes find retirement to be a difficult transition, often facing financial problems, career choice problems, and social problems. This essay discusses the difficulties that athletes face after retirement and raises concerns about the lack of preparation for life after their sporting careers.

Camel racing: a traditional sport with a uncertain future

This essay discusses camel racing, a traditional sport with a long history in North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East. The rules of the sport are described, as well as the training that the animals undergo. The essay also discusses the controversy surrounding children taking part in camel races.