✊ Human Rights Essay Examples and Topics

The Dangers of Internet Pornography

This essay discusses the problem of internet pornography and its negative impact on individuals, families, and society. It explains the causes of internet pornography and provides various solutions to the problem.

The Pros and Cons of Conjugal Visits in Prisons

This essay discusses the pros and cons of conjugal visits for inmates in prison. Conjugal visits are overnight visits between an inmate and his or her spouse that are sanctioned by the prison authorities. Although there are some risks associated with these visits, such as the potential for escapes or the introduction of contraband into the prison, there are also many benefits, such as improved inmate behavior and stronger family bonds. Ultimately, it is up to each individual prison to decide whether or not to allow these visits.

The role of human rights in global democracy: an evaluation

This essay discusses the role of human rights in global democracy. It argues that human rights can help to constrain the power of supranational organizations and promote democracy. However, it also acknowledges that there are limits to what human rights can achieve.

The Will of the People in a Sovereign State

This essay discusses the concept of sovereignty and how it relates to the will of the people. It explores how sovereignty is expressed in different types of government, including sovereign democracies and globalized marketplaces. Ultimately, it concludes that the will of the people is an important factor in any sovereign state.

A Critique of Jane English and Don Marquis’s Arguments on Abortion

Don Marquis’s essay “Why Murder is Wrong” makes a stronger case for why abortion is wrong than Jane English’s essay “The Abortion”. Marquis looks at the question of personhood from a different perspective which I think makes more sense than looking at it from the perspective of appearance or intelligence. Additionally, he takes into account other factors such as pain and suffering which I think are also important considerations when deciding whether or not to have an abortion.

The American Tradition of Suppressing Free Speech

In his essay “Dare Call It Treason,” Eric Foner criticizes the American tradition of suppressing free speech. He argues that this tradition has had a negative impact on American democracy and is counterproductive.

The Family Commons at Cabrillo: A Comprehensive Solution to Homelessness in Long Beach

The proposed solution to the homeless crisis in Long Beach, California is the creation of the Family Commons at Cabrillo. The Family Commons will serve as a centralized location for services and resources for families in need. The solution is based on the following four pillars: Addressing the immediate needs of families, creating opportunities for economic mobility, investing in youth and children, and building community power. These four pillars will be accomplished through a variety of programs and initiatives that will be offered at the Family Commons.

Race, Class and Gender in Los Angeles

This essay discusses the ways in which race, class and gender have played a role in Los Angeles throughout the 20th century. It covers the issue of race, discussing the Ku Klux Klan and the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the issues of class and gender.

The Use of Universal Jurisdiction to Prosecute Serious Crimes

This essay looks at the concept of universal jurisdiction, which is the idea that some crimes are so serious that they should be prosecuted no matter where they were committed or who committed them. The essay discusses the history of universal jurisdiction and looks at how it has been used in relation to crimes against the Jewish people and black people.