💧 Geology Essay Examples and Topics

Biodiversity of the Inter-Tidal Zone at Leigh Marine Laboratory

This essay discusses the results of a survey of the inter-tidal zone at Leigh Marine Laboratory in New Zealand. The survey found a diverse range of organisms living in the area, which contributes to the overall biodiversity of the area. The information from the survey will be used to inform future management and research programmes aimed at protecting this important ecosystem.

The End of Dinosaurs: Causes and Theories

This essay discusses the various theories and evidence surrounding the end of dinosaurs. It covers topics such as the Chicxulub impact crater, the Provence swamp, and the red clay.

Inferring Behavior in the Fossil Record

This essay discusses the nature of paleontology and the limitations of inferring behavior in the fossil record. It begins by discussing the nature of paleontology and the importance of fossil taxa. It then discusses some of the ways in which paleontologists have attempted to interpret behavior in the fossil record. Finally, it discusses some of the limitations of inferring behavior in the fossil record.

Metamorphic Rocks

Metamorphic rocks are those that have been changed from one form to another by the action of heat, pressure, or other agents.

The Importance of Geology

The science of geology is important for a number of reasons. It can help us to understand the Earth we live on, how it works and how it has changed over time. Geology can also be used to locate natural resources such as water, minerals and oil, which are essential for our survival and development. Additionally, geology is vital for understanding natural hazards such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes, and for enacting warning systems to protect people from these disasters.

The Global Energy Industry: Opportunities for Entry Level Professionals

This essay discusses the global supply picture for entry level professionals in the energy industry. It covers the sectors of geology, engineering, finance and land, geophysics, petroleum engineering, field engineering and technical specialist. The essay concludes that there are significant opportunities for entry level professionals in all sectors of the global energy industry.