⛩️ Religion, Culture & Society Essay Examples and Topics

The Christian tradition on animal testing: right or wrong?

This essay discusses the Christian tradition on animal testing and the Catholic Church’s stance on this issue. It argues that animal testing can be considered both morally right and morally wrong, depending on the circumstances.

The Islamic Movement in Southern Africa: A History

This essay looks at the history of Islam in southern Africa, and how the modern Islamic movement has been influenced by decolonization and independence. It also discusses the role of Islamic organizations in the development of the Islamic movement in Namibia and Swaziland.

Interpretations of the Annunciation Throughout History

This essay looks at different interpretations of the Annunciation by various artists throughout history. Each artist has their own unique take on this important event in the Christian faith, and each interpretation reflects the artist’s own culture and beliefs.

The global culture against religious fundamentalism

This essay discusses the role of global culture in combating religious fundamentalism. It argues that the spread of globalized communication and culture can help to break down barriers between peoples and promote understanding and tolerance.

The changing Christian attitude to human sexuality.

This essay explores the Church’s teachings on human sexuality, and how these teachings have changed over time. It discusses the impact of the Protestant Reformation and the Puritan movement on Christian attitudes to sexuality, and how the 20th century saw a significant change in the Church’s attitude towards human sexuality.

Polygamy: The Pros and Cons

This essay looks at the pros and cons of polygamy, as well as discussing how it is viewed in America and France.

The Relationship between Religion and Politics

This essay looks at how the relationship between religion and politics has changed over time. It discusses how religion was used in the past to legitimize the authority of rulers and maintain social cohesion. It also examines how the rise of Christianity led to a conflict between church and state which continued for centuries. Finally, it discusses how the development of religious freedom in America was shaped by key figures such as Thomas Jefferson and Roger Williams.