📜 History Essay Examples and Topics

The Heian Period, Feudalism, and the Samurai Code of Honor

The Heian period was a time of great change in Japan. The emperor and his court moved from the ancient capital of Nara to the new city of Kyoto. This ushered in a new age of prosperity, as the arts and literature flourished under the court’s patronage. At the same time, the central government’s power began to wane, and the country became increasingly divided among powerful feudal lords.

The Use of Humor by Jews During the Holocaust

This essay looks at the role of humor in helping the European Jewish community survive the Holocaust. It discusses how humor served as a way to keep the community cohesive, boost morale, and cope with the terrible events happening around them.

Christopher Columbus: Imperialist or Discoverer?

This essay looks at the various views of learned authors on whether Christopher Columbus was an imperialist or a discoverer. It takes into account the definition of imperialism and the arguments put forward by both sides before coming to a conclusion.

Abraham Lincoln: A Life

This essay will discuss Abraham Lincoln’s family background, early childhood, profession and education, marriage, political involvement, and death.

The Impact of Suburbanization on Class and Racial Segregation in the United States

The essay discusses the impact of suburbanization on class and racial segregation in the United States. It explains how the rise of suburbs led to a greater distinction between those who could afford to live in these new communities and those who could not, with African Americans being largely excluded from suburban communities. The essay also discusses how the creation of suburbs led to a change in the way that Americans viewed themselves, with more Americans identifying as belonging to a particular suburb rather than a larger city or region.

The African Burial Ground Project

The African Burial Ground project was an effort to uncover information about the lives of enslaved and free Africans in early America. The project used an archaeological approach in examining remains from the African Burial Ground, a cemetery used by Africans in New York City during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. More than 419 individuals were unearthed and studied as part of the project. The remains showed signs of terrible mistreatment and violence, suggesting that many of those buried in the cemetery were killed through warfare or other means such as executions. DNA analysis also revealed interesting information about the ancestry of those buried in the cemetery, including that many of them were of mixed African and European descent.

The Industrial Revolution and Its Effects

This essay discusses the industrial revolution and its effects on society. The industrial revolution led to a number of changes, including the rise of factories and mass production, as well as child labor, rural-urban migration, and congestion.