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This company guarantees plagiarism free content, on-time delivery and quality report. Despite the fact that they guarantee excellence, according to some online review it is not like that in reality. Many people online are complaining that this company has problems with deadlines and quality of content. That should be taken into consideration when choosing the online writing service.


Ukessays.com is an online writing agency that is specialized in providing assistance for students who need essays, dissertation or many other services. Their offer is organized in three groups:

  • Essay writing (Essay Writing, Essay Skeleton Answer, Assignment Writing, Coursework Writing, and Report Writing)
  • Dissertation writing (Dissertation Writing, Dissertation Proposal, Topic with Titles, Literature Review, and Thesis Writing)
  • Other services (Marking and Proofreading, Legal Practice Coursework, Research Trail, PowerPoint Presentation, Reflective Practice)


This company has relatively good online price calculator that can give you information regarding pricing for the papers. This company has the same price for all orders bellow 1000 words, so it is basically the minimal order. Factors that influence the total cost of paper are: Type of service, Required grade, Length and Delivery time. Required length is set according to the country of the person who is placing the order. The minimal delivery time is 3 hours.

Paper written by this company are enormously expensive. For an example, if you need 1000 words essay written for High School Student within 7 days deadline, and for grade C you have to pay $193. On the other hand, Essay of 1000 words for PhD Student written within 7 days costs $1235. In addition, if you have more urgent order (3 hours) High School Student would have to pay $702, whereas the PhD Student would have to pay 1000 words essay enormous $4870. Compared with many other similar companies, this prices are really extremely high, whereas many online reviewers pointed out that the quality of provided work is not at such high level.

Discounts & free features

According to the information provided on their website, this company does not offer any type of discount or free features.


On the website of this company it is not stated that this company has 24/7 client support. This can be a significant drawback because they offer papers for people in many different time zones and many of them are looking for fast information. Company can be contacted via email, telephone or personally in UK offices.

What is special about this service?

This company has slightly different offer than many other competitors. For instance, they cover reflective practice and legal practice course work that are not in standard offer by many other similar companies. In general, the biggest impression that this company creates is related to the extremely high prices for the papers, and it is maybe the fact that is the most special about it.

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