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This company offers a great selection of academic writing services that meet the needs of all students. The team of experienced and knowledgeable writers delivers content on all topics, regardless of their niches. However, the services of MyPaperWriter.com are not cost-effective, since the quotes per page are much higher when compared to the top writing companies in the industry. The indefinite deadlines are another great disadvantage, since the customers can never know whether or not their projects will be ready exactly when they need them.

Services Offered

The most commonly provided services at MyPaperWriter.com are academic term papers, accounting term papers, action term papers, business term papers, sociology papers, English term papers, Economic research papers, and career research papers. The order form features other types of papers as well, including essays, coursework, book reports, and more.

Besides academic writing services, you can also get your papers edited at this website. In addition, MyPaperWriter.com also provides business writing services of Standard and Premium quality.


When you first see the price chart for writing services at this website, the quotes will seem similar to what other companies are offering. However, you need to pay attention to the fact the quotes offered for the deadline of 8-23 hours are similar to the ones that competitive services have set for a 3-hour deadline.

The fact that MyPaperWriter.com hasn’t set specific deadlines for its services is a big drawback. If you need a paper to be written overnight, this isn’t the right place to turn to, since the shortest deadline of 8-23 hours doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the content on time.

These are the quotes per page set for the longest deadline of 15+ days and the shortest deadline of 8-23 hours in different quality levels:

  • High school ($17.55 – $31.50 per page);
  • College Freshman ($20.3 – $34.25 per page);
  • College Sophomore ($22.15 – $36.10 per page);
  • College Junior ($24.05 – $38.00 per page);
  • College Senior ($26.00 – $39.95 per page);
  • Master’s ($28.90 – $42.85 per page), and
  • PhD ($31.9 – $45.85 per page).

As an example, if you decide to order a 3-page essay of College Junior level and choose the deadline of 5-6 days, the total price will be estimated at $82.05.

Discounts and Free Features

MyPaperWriter.com doesn’t make an attempt to attract the customers by making its prices more accessible. There isn’t a clarified discount policy featured at the website, but you can get a discount of 7% on your first order if you contact the customer support. That price reduction is nothing compared to what you can get at other websites.

These are the free features that each customer gets: bibliography pages, title page, table of contents, outline, and unlimited revisions.

Customer Support

The customer support agents at MyPaperWriter.com are available 24/7. The easiest way to contact them is to use the Live Chat feature, but you can also reach them by phone (1-855-693-77-29) and email (support @mypaperwriter.com).

What’s Special about This Service?

The list of services at the homepage is rather unique, mainly because of the action term papers feature. This type of paper is hard to find elsewhere. The pricing policy of MyPaperWriter.com is not beneficial for its customers. You can get papers of same quality for a much lower price if continue your search elsewhere.

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