🙋 Human Impact Essay Examples and Topics

The Relationship Between Trade and Environment: A Complex One

This essay looks at the complex relationship between trade and the environment, with a focus on how trade liberalization affects developing countries. It discusses both the potential benefits and drawbacks of trade, and argues that any given policy should be carefully evaluated before being implemented.

The Relationship between Humans and Nature

This essay discusses the various ways in which humans have interacted with nature throughout history. It also explores the different attitudes that humans have towards nature, and how these attitudes have influenced our treatment of it. The essay concludes with a discussion of the competition between humans and nature, and the need to find a way to live in harmony with it.

The Relationship between Environmental Psychology and Environmental Protection

This essay discusses the problem of environmental protection and the role that environmental psychology can play in changing human behavior to help protect the environment. It describes some of the major international conventions and agreements related to environmental protection, but notes that their implementation is often hindered by lack of political will and funding.

The Impact of Dam Construction on Downstream Biotic Communities: A Case Study Using the Indicators of Hydrological Alteration

The present study aimed to use the IHA to assess the potential impacts of dam construction on five major categories of hydrologic parameters: water temperature, sediment transport, dissolved oxygen, pH, and conductivity. Field measurements were taken at three sites upstream and downstream of a proposed dam site on the Little River in Georgia, USA. Results indicated that there was no significant difference between pre- and post-construction values for most parameters, with the exception of pH and conductivity. It was concluded that the IHA can be used as a valuable tool for predicting potential impacts of dams on downstream biotic communities. However, more research is needed to refine and validate the IHA methodology.

The Amazon rainforest: an overview

The Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest tropical forest and is home to a wide range of plant and animal species. It is also home to around 30 million people, including around 400 different indigenous tribes. However, the Amazon rainforest is under threat from a range of different issues, including climate change, deforestation and industrial development. The destruction of the Amazon rainforest would have a devastating impact on the environment and on local communities.

The Problem of Environmental Degradation

This essay discusses the problem of environmental degradation, its causes, and the role of technology in both causing and mitigating the problem. It also discusses the impact of environmental degradation on agriculture, and how this can lead to yield loss and reduced productivity.