🛋️ Interior Design Essay Examples and Topics

Interior Design: Creative and Technical Responsibilities

Interior design is a relatively new profession that has only become widely recognized and respected in the last century. It is a creative and challenging field that requires both artistic talent and technical skills. The interior designer is responsible for creating functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing spaces in homes, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants and other public buildings.

The key responsibilities of an interior designer can be broadly divided into three main categories: creative responsibilities, technical responsibilities, and business responsibilities. Creativity is important in interior design because it allows designers to come up with unique solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients. There are several ways to foster creativity in interior design such as research, experimentation, taking inspiration from nature, being organized, brainstorming, and getting feedback.

The Choreography of the Shopping Mall

The essay discusses the setting of a shopping mall, the choreography of people’s movements within it, the hierarchy of space in the mall, and people’s reactions to it. It also covers children in the mall, antiques and ornaments present, and telecom service providers.

The influence of Jean-Michel Frank on contemporary interior design

This essay discusses the life and work of Jean-Michel Frank, one of the most important interior designers of the 20th century. It describes his unique approach to decoration, which combines elements of both realism and abstraction, and explores how this has influenced many contemporary architects and designers.

Layout, Facility, and Product Design

This essay discusses the different aspects that need to be considered while designing a facility, product, process, employee training program, or network. It also discusses the importance of job security and compensation in motivating employees.