📖 History of Art Essay Examples and Topics

The Use of Art for Propaganda in Imperial Rome

This essay discusses how Roman art during the Imperial period was often used for propaganda purposes. It describes how Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, commissioned many statues and portraits of himself and his family members to be placed in public places around Rome as a way of glorifying the ruling emperor and presenting him in the best possible light to the people of Rome.

The Discourse on Inequality and The Course of Empire: Comparing Rousseau and Cole’s Views on Civilization

In his essay, “Discourse on Inequality,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau tries to expose people’s social inequality as the by-product of their existential sophistication. This is in contrast to Thomas Cole’s paintings which depict the progression of civilization from a state of innocence and purity (The Arcadian or Pastoral State) to one of corruption and degradation (The Course of Empire). Although both authors were very critical of the direction that Western civilization was taking, Rousseau’s focus was more on the individual while Cole’s was more on the collective.

A Comparison of Italian and Northern European Renaissance

This essay will compare and contrast the Italian and Northern European Renaissances by looking at their cultures and arts. It will discuss the differences and similarities between the two, with a focus on how each was shaped by its unique historical context.

The Baroque Style in Colonial Spanish and Portuguese Churches

This essay discusses how the interiors of colonial Spanish and Portuguese churches were influenced by European Baroque developments. It specifically focuses on the Churrigueresque style, which was a highly ornate sub-style of the Baroque that originated in Spain in the early 17th century. This style became particularly popular in Latin America during the 18th century and was used for a number of public and religious buildings, including churches.

The Roman Buildings: An Introduction

This essay looks at the Roman buildings, which are some of the most iconic and important in the world. It discusses their construction, influence, and importance.

20th Century Art: A Shift from Traditional to Contemporary

The essay will explore the different art movements that emerged during the 20th century, as well as the new mediums that were developed during this time. It will also discuss the shift from traditional forms of art to more contemporary forms, and how this led to a greater focus on process and experimentation.

The Impact of the French Revolution on Artists

This essay explores how the French Revolution impacted the development of art, specifically through the work of Walter Clark and Andy Warhol. It discusses how social art history can be used to understand their paintings in relation to the political and social upheaval of their time.

Pablo Picasso: A Modernist Master

This essay explores some of the key aspects of Picasso’s work that reflect his modernist values and outlook. These include his focus on social issues, his belief in the importance of progress and innovation, and his use of color and motion to create expressive and emotive paintings.