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The Use of Humor by Jews During the Holocaust

This essay looks at the role of humor in helping the European Jewish community survive the Holocaust. It discusses how humor served as a way to keep the community cohesive, boost morale, and cope with the terrible events happening around them.

The Scottish Parliament Building: A History

The Scottish Parliament Building is the home of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh, Scotland. The building was completed in 2004, after a lengthy construction process that was beset by controversy and cost overruns. The building has an unconventional design, with a number of asymmetrical features and curved walls. It has been praised for its innovative architecture, but has also been criticized for its high cost and controversial design.

The Impact of Suburbanization on Class and Racial Segregation in the United States

The essay discusses the impact of suburbanization on class and racial segregation in the United States. It explains how the rise of suburbs led to a greater distinction between those who could afford to live in these new communities and those who could not, with African Americans being largely excluded from suburban communities. The essay also discusses how the creation of suburbs led to a change in the way that Americans viewed themselves, with more Americans identifying as belonging to a particular suburb rather than a larger city or region.

The New Deal era in America: Economic crisis and political change

The New Deal era was a time of economic crisis and political change in the United States. The policies enacted during this time helped to spur economic growth and reduce poverty, but they also led to a more active role for government in the economy. The legacy of the New Deal can still be seen today in programs like Social Security and in the ongoing debate over the role of government in society.

The Broken Home: A Major Problem in Today’s Society

The essay discusses the broken home as a major problem in society. It explains how the broken home is the leading cause of juvenile delinquency and a major contributor to social vice. The essay concludes by calling for action to address the issue of the broken home.

The Manila Accord: A History

The essay discusses the events that led to the signing of the Manila Accord in 1963. The Manila Accord was a historic agreement between the leaders of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. The agreement was signed in the wake of the Konfrontasi, or confrontation, between the two countries. The confrontation had its origins in the dispute over the formation of the Federation of Malaysia.