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Freud’s Theory of Adulthood

Freud’s theory of adulthood is based on the analysis of childhood experience and the assumption that adults live in accordance with game rules of the real world. This theory can help us to understand why adults behave the way they do and how they are able to cope with the challenges of the real world.

The Sociological Theory of Professions and Health Care Organizations

This essay critically examines the extent to which health care organizations have the characteristics required by the sociological theory of professions. The findings suggest that while there are some signs that things are improving, communication, feedback, and mutual respect and support among health care professionals are often poor. This can lead to errors and jeopardize patient safety. In order to support organizational learning, health care organizations need to address these deficiencies.

The Financial Tactics of Enron That Led to Its Collapse

The essay discusses the financial tactics used by Enron that led to its collapse. These include the use of accelerated earning policies, poor investment decisions, too much compensation for senior officials, creative accounting, and opportunistic deals with company finance officers. The far from ordinary special purpose entities also played a role in Enron’s demise.

The Importance of Grammar in Language Learning

This essay discusses grammar, its functions, and how it can be taught to second language learners in an effective way. It covers the different aspects of grammar, such as verb tenses and voice, and provides examples of each.

The Enlightenment Age: A Time of Great Change

The Enlightenment Age was a time of great change and transformation in European culture and thought. This period is often referred to as the Age of Reason, because many of the great thinkers of the time were focused on using reason and science to understand the natural world and the powers that governed it. The Enlightenment was a time of great progress in many areas, such as science, medicine, and agriculture. New technologies were developed that helped farmers increase their yield, new medicines were discovered that could cure diseases that had previously been thought incurable, and Europeans began to venture out into the world to learn more about other cultures and civilizations.

The Unethical Practices of IT Auditors and How to Avoid Them

This essay looks at five main unethical practices that IT auditors can engage in, which have resulted in many people perceiving IT auditing as being annoying. These practices include selling of client secrets, divulging of confidential information, lack of objectivity, making decisions on the timing of audit procedures and making decisions on the selection of application systems. Suggestions on how these practices can be avoided are given.

WebSphere: Connecting Software for Resources Integration

This essay provides detailed information about WebSphere, a software product from IBM that is designed for resources integration and service-oriented infrastructure design. The essay discusses WebSphere’s capabilities and features, history, as well as its use in different spheres, particularly in healthcare. In addition, the requirements for this software are discussed.