💣 World War I Essay Examples and Topics

Reasons for Going to War

In this essay, the author discusses the three main reasons for going to war: imperialism, capitalism, and religion. The author also discusses the case of President Woodrow Wilson, who took a pacifist approach to the First World War.

The First World War: Its Impact on American Society

The First World War was one of the most significant and defining events of the 20th century, with far-reaching consequences for both Europe and America. In this essay, we will examine the impact of the First World War on American society. We will explore how the war affected American values and beliefs, as well as its political and economic institutions. We will also consider the legacy of the war on American culture in the years that followed.

The Impact of American WWI Propaganda on Democracy and Values

This essay looks at the different types of propaganda used during World War I, with a focus on black propaganda. It discusses how black propaganda is the most effective type of propaganda and also the most dangerous because it can easily lead to hatred and violence.