The Importance of Practical Approaches in Nursing

1. Nursing strategy in challenging behaviors

A nurse should be dexterous at drawing up a strategy of actions based on its primordial anticipation with a medical superintendent. The strategy should correspond to the complexities of a patient’s condition and be able to be implemented at any stage of the disease. The main task of the nurse is to timely notice changes in the patient’s condition, which can lead to an exacerbation of the disease, and take appropriate measures.

The most important thing in the work of a nurse is communication with patients. It is important to establish a trusting relationship with them, which will allow not only to provide quality care but also to obtain accurate information about the patient’s condition. Communication with patients is necessary not only for obtaining information about their health but also for psychological support. Many patients feel abandoned and alone when they are in the hospital, and communication with the nurse can help them feel more comfortable and reduce stress.

2. The role of a nurse in patient care

The role of a nurse in patient care is very important. Nurses play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of illness and injury. They also provide support and guidance to patients and their families during times of illness or recovery. Nurses work closely with doctors and other health care professionals to provide comprehensive care for patients.

3. The importance of communication in nursing

Communication is essential in nursing. It helps nurses to understand patients’ needs and provides a way to build trust between nurses and patients. Good communication also allows nurses to provide quality care and support to patients and their families.

4. The challenges of nursing patients with complex illnesses

One of the challenges of nursing patients with complex illnesses is that they often require multiple medications, which can be difficult to manage. In addition, these patients may have complex medical histories that can make it difficult to understand their current condition. Another challenge is that these patients may be uncooperative or resistant to treatment due to their illness or previous bad experiences with health care providers. Finally, these patients may have difficulty communicating their needs or may be unable to communicate due to their illness.

5. The importance of practical approaches in nursing

Practical approaches in nursing are important because they allow nurses to provide quality care to patients while also taking into account the challenges of working with complex illnesses. These approaches include medication management, communication strategies, and patient education. By using practical approaches, nurses can more effectively meet the needs of their patients while also providing quality care.


Some common challenging behaviors that nurses may encounter include aggression, destructiveness, self-injurious behavior, and elopement.

Some strategies that can be used to effectively manage these behaviors include establishing and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the patient, providing support and structure, using positive reinforcement, and avoiding punishment.

Nurses can best assess the potential for challenging behavior in individual patients by taking into account factors such as the patient's diagnosis, past history of challenging behavior, current level of functioning, and presence of any precipitating factors.

Nurses should intervene when they observe or are made aware of challenging behavior in order to protect the safety of the patient and others involved. Intervention should be aimed at de-escalating the situation and should only be used as a last resort after all other options have been exhausted.

Nurses can de-escalate a situation involving challenging behavior by remaining calm and using supportive verbal statements while also providing physical guidance if necessary. It is important to avoid anything that could further escalate the situation such as yelling or restraining the patient forcibly.

Nursing staff members play an important role in developing and implementing institutional policies related to managing challenging behavior. They should be familiar with these policies and procedures so that they can effectively respond to situations involving challenging behavior.

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