The Impact of Western Civilization on the World

1. The Middle Ages: 1300-1500

The Middle Ages is the period of European history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Renaissance. It is often called the “Dark Ages” because it is believed that this period was marked by a general decline in learning and culture. However, some historians believe that the Middle Ages were not as dark as they have been painted, and that there were significant achievements during this time period. For example, the technology of the printing press was invented during the Middle Ages, which had a major impact on the spread of learning. In addition, the Christian Church played a significant role in the development of Western civilization during this time period.

2. The Renaissance: 1500-1600

The Renaissance was a period of great creativity in art, literature, and music. It is also known as the “rebirth” of classical learning, because during this time period there was a renewed interest in the ancient Greek and Roman cultures. The Renaissance began in Italy, but quickly spread to other parts of Europe. This was partly due to the fact that many Italian artists and scholars traveled to other countries to work. One of the most famous renaissance artists was Leonardo da Vinci, who was not only an artist but also a scientist and inventor. The Renaissance was also a time of religious upheaval, with Luther’s Protestant Reformation leading to a split within Christianity.

3. The Age of Exploration: 1600-1800

The Age of Exploration was a period when Europeans began to explore other parts of the world, including America and Asia. This era is sometimes called the “Age of Discovery.” During this time period, European countries established colonies in many parts of the world. The explorers also brought back new plants and animals from their travels, which had a major impact on European agriculture and cuisine. In addition, they brought back new technologies and ideas from other cultures, which helped to spur the Scientific Revolution.

4. The Industrial Revolution: 1800-1900

The Industrial Revolution was a period of great change in Europe and North America, when new technologies led to a major increase in manufacturing and production. This era saw the development of new forms of transportation such as railways and steamships, as well as new sources of energy such as coal and oil. The industrial revolution also led to a population boom, as more people moved from rural areas to cities to work in factories. This era also saw major social changes, such as the rise of labor unions and women’s rights movements.

5. The Modern Age: 1900-present

The Modern Age is considered to be the period from 1900 to present day. This era has seen two World Wars, as well as numerous other conflicts. It has also seen major technological advances such as Space exploration, telephone, television and computers In addition, this era has seen great social changes such as civil rights movements and women’s rights movements.In conclusion western civilization has gone through many changes over time. Each one has had its own impact on society. Today we continue to see western civilization influence the world around us.


Western Civilization can be defined as the social, political, and cultural traditions of Europe and North America.

The origins of Western Civilization can be traced back to Ancient Greece and Rome.

Western Civilization has undergone many changes over time, including the Renaissance, the Reformation, and the Industrial Revolution.

Some key aspects or features of Western Civilization include democracy, capitalism, individualism, and scientific progress.

The study of Western Civilization is important because it helps us understand the development of modern European and North American societies.

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