The Violation of Social and Ethical Rights by ExtremeNet Company

This essay looks at the problem of employers violating the social and ethical rights of their employees. It discusses various theories that attempt to explain why this might happen, before going on to review the literature on the topic. The essay then looks at a case study of ExtremeNet Company, which has been accused of violating its employees’ rights on several occasions. Data from the case study suggests that ExtremeNet has indeed violated its employees’ rights, leading to negative consequences for the company. Finally, recommendations are made for how ExtremeNet could improve its treatment of employees.

The Dangers of Charity and the Benefits of Welfare

This essay explores the relationship between welfare and charity, and argues that charity is harmful when applied practically. The essay discusses the dangers of charity, including how it can lead to a decrease in the speed of scientific progress and the dissipation of energy. The essay also argues that welfare is a much more effective way of ensuring the well-being of citizens.

There Are No Children Here: An Essay on Poverty and Violence

This essay is based on the book “There Are No Children Here” by Alex Kotlowitz. The book is based on the lives of two boys, LaFayette and Pharoah, who live in the Henry Horner Homes, a housing project in Chicago. The book gives an insight into the lives of children growing up in poverty and witnessing violence on a daily basis. It highlights how these children are exposed to crime and violence at a very young age and how they struggle to find opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty.