social welfare

The Reality of Racism and Racial Discrimination in Canada

This essay looks at the issue of race and ethnicity in Canada, with a focus on income and employment discrimination against visible minorities. The essay discusses how quotas and preferential policies in education and government subsidies often advantage visible minorities over white people. And it also looks at how social welfare policies in Canada disproportionately benefit visible minorities.

The Impact of the Demand Versus Supply Model on Medicine

In this essay, we will explore how the demand versus supply model applies to the world of medicine. We will look at how this model affects the price of medications and how it can be used to understand why some diseases are more prevalent than others. We will also see how this model can help explain why there is a shortage of hospital beds in some countries.

The American Revolution: Utopian Ideals and Reality

This essay will explore the reasons why the concepts of liberation, work, and race were not supported in practice despite the rise of the American Revolution. It will assess the impact of the Revolution on social welfare more generally.