The implications of global citizenship for justice

This essay discusses the concept of global citizenship and its implications for justice. It highlights the need for international cooperation to address global challenges and the importance of developing a global ethic. The essay also discusses the role of multinational corporations in promoting or obstructing international justice.

The Importance of Mathematics in Computer Science and Society

This essay discusses the strong correlation between mathematics and computer science. It explains how computer science borrows heavily from the mathematics discipline, and how the skills required for website design, computer programming, and social responsibility all have a strong correlation with mathematics.

Elite Crimes and Their Consequences

Elite crimes are committed by those who are financially well-off in society, and often involve the heads of corporate, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations. These crimes are characterized by white-collar criminals who engage in scheming and stealing from public coffers through complex transactions that common man cannot understand. As a result, elite crimes have severe consequences on the common man, leading to economic inequality, loss of jobs, and social instability.