The Violation of Social and Ethical Rights by ExtremeNet Company

This essay looks at the problem of employers violating the social and ethical rights of their employees. It discusses various theories that attempt to explain why this might happen, before going on to review the literature on the topic. The essay then looks at a case study of ExtremeNet Company, which has been accused of violating its employees’ rights on several occasions. Data from the case study suggests that ExtremeNet has indeed violated its employees’ rights, leading to negative consequences for the company. Finally, recommendations are made for how ExtremeNet could improve its treatment of employees.

Staffing Plan for Genzyme Pharmaceuticals

This essay discusses how Genzyme Pharmaceuticals can improve its staffing levels and recruiting process in order to be more cost-effective. The company can use HRO and online recruiting platforms to easily find the best candidates for each position. In addition, by posting positions on more job boards and increasing the number of job postings on the company website, Genzyme Pharmaceuticals will be able to reach a larger pool of potential candidates.

The Use of Psychological Testing in Organizations: A Qualitative Study

This research looks at the use of psychological testing in organizations, specifically the reasons for introducing testing, the types of tests used, and the key concerns of decision-makers when initiating the introduction of testing. The study uses qualitative data from interviews with HR professionals to provide insights into the use of psychological testing in organizations.

The Roman Military: A History of Conquest and Strategy

This essay discusses the Roman Empire, one of the most powerful empires in history. It looks at the military power of Rome during different periods, including the early empire when it was focused on conquest, and the later empire when it shifted to defence against barbarian invasions. The essay also looks at specific characteristics of the Roman military, such as recruitment, training, arms and armor, and tactics.