The Potential Capital Project for Flight Centre Limited

Flight Centre Limited is considering a capital project that would see the company expand its building by adding a new wing. This would provide additional space for accommodating travelers as well as for other purposes, such as additional stores or restaurants. The capital investment required for this project is significant, and it will need to be carefully considered in order to ensure that it is financially viable.

Southwest Airlines: How They Make Money When Others Do Not

In this essay, the author discusses the various factors that have contributed to Southwest Airlines’ success. These include the airline’s focus on profitability, its unique point-to-point system, its efficient operations procedures, and its strong relationships with customers.

The Success of Major Buses: How the Company Keeps Its Routes Profitable

Major Buses is a major competitor to Minor Buses, running its operations from village C. It offers two profitable routes between villages E and A, and B and G. In order to keep its customers, Major Buses offers a royalty to them, which protects their investment in the company. The company has also been known to give loans to customers to buy new buses.