Why I Want to Be a Registered Nurse

The essay discusses the applicant’s reasons for wanting to become a registered nurse, their personal qualities, and their skills and experience. The applicant concludes by expressing their excitement about the possibility of interning at the hospital and their confidence in their ability to provide excellent patient care.

The FGI Guidelines: Implications for Hospital Design, Structure, and Quality of Care

The FGI Guidelines are a set of standards that recommend minimum requirements for the design and construction of hospitals. These guidelines were developed by the Facility Guidelines Institute (FGI), a not-for-profit organization that provides guidance on the design and construction of healthcare facilities. The FGI Guidelines are used by architects, engineers, and planners when designing new hospitals or renovating existing ones. They are also used by hospital administrators and staff when making decisions about the allocation of space and resources.

The Importance of Ethical Principles in Nursing

This essay discusses the importance of ethical principles in nursing. It explains how these principles protect the autonomy, dignity, and rights of both the nurse and the patient. The essay also discusses how the nurse can promote quality patient care by adhering to these principles.